A man eager to impress sent a text 'by mistake' and it’s the funniest thing we’ve ever seen.


A man from Texas, let’s called him… Rod… met Mariah White when she picked him up through a ridesharing app.

They had a very polite conversation, according to 22-year-old White, about university and what she was hoping to do afterwards.

She told Buzzfeed they exchanged numbers, thinking it was a great networking opportunity.

But Rod was not there for the networking opportunity. 

Instead, he preceded to text her over the next few months, with things like, “Hey there… how was your week?” and three weeks later, “Hey there… Happy Thanksgiving!”

But it wasn’t a happy Thanksgiving, because Rod never heard back.

Rob was being persistent, verging very much on… creepy. And then he hatched his plan.

And it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.

He texted his love interest with the following: “Hey mom… I just transferred $2800.00 to your account… you should have told me sooner that you needed help… txt me when you get it… love you!”



But then, of course, poor Rod realised the error he had made – telling a love interest about his incredible generosity (the horror!) – so texted back, “Wrong person… my bad…”

No it wasn’t Rod. You and I both know that. 

The best things about this text include:

  • The fact Rod included the exact amount he had allegedly transferred his mother.
  • The detail that Rod just wished his mother had told him how much she allegedly needed earlier.
  • The enthusiastic “love you!” with exclamation mark, to indicate what a devoted son he is.
  • The ellipsis… which suggest… he was quite thoughtful… as he was putting… the message together even though… he ultimately sent it… to the wrong person… lol.

Mariah shared the exchange on Twitter, and it promptly went viral with more than 83,800 likes.

Responses included:


Mariah didn’t reply unfortunately, so poor Rod is back at square one.

Maybe he should try: “Hey babe, had such a great time last night, can’t wait to see you again… xxx.”


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