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'Why is everyone yelling?' 19 memes that perfectly sum up Netflix's wild new show The Circle.

Netflix’s new reality TV series, The Circle, is basically Survivor meets Big Brother meets Catfish.

The series first aired in the UK, then Netflix created an American version for their streaming service. The show follows eight contestants who move into eight individual apartments and can only communicate with each other via the in-game messaging app, The Circle. The contestants only know each other via their profile photos and their messages.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s The Circle and prepare to be confronted. Post continues below.

Video by Netflix

They’re occasionally asked to rate their fellow contestants, with the two highest-rated contestants being named “The Influencers”. The Influencers then choose to ‘block’ and eliminate one member from the circle.

The eliminated player reveals their true identity to the group via a video message and then is swiftly replaced with a new player.

At the end of the 12 episodes, the highest-rated player wins US$100,000 or AUD$145,507. Fans are also able to choose the ‘Fan Favourite’ who wins US$10,000 or AUD$14,550.

Now, here’s the fun bit. When you let people be whoever they want to be for the sole purpose of winning popularity on social media, they tend not to tell the truth.

Mind-blowing, we know.


Some people stretch the truth, others outright lie, and a few daring contestants take on completely different personalities and catfish their fellow players.

Without further ado, here are all the funniest memes and tweets about The Circle:








Image: Netflix.

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