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1. “I got a friend to post it”: Bach Matt Agnew couldn’t bring himself to announce his breakup.

Matt Agnew, Australia’s 2019 Bachelor, has spoken openly about his split from Chelsie McLeod, the woman he gave his final rose to.

Matt and Chelsie announced their surprise breakup two months after the finale, telling fans their relationship “hasn’t translated from filming to the real, every day world as we had hoped.”

Now, the astrophysicist has given an interview to comedian Rosie Waterland on her podcast Just The Gistadmitting he was devastated after it all fell apart.

“That’s life and that’s dating, and relationships sometimes they don’t work out but it’s an experience,” he said.

“You do try and find whatever positive things you can find from it [and] the experience certainly helped me grow as a person.”

As for announcing their news to the public, the 32-year-old admits it caused him a lot of anxiety.

matt agnew and chelsie
The couple announced their breakup two months after The Bachelor finale. Image: Instagram.

"I was dreading it. I put together my words and they were something I gave a lot of thought to to make sure I was conveying my feelings correctly," he said.

"I actually got a friend to post it because I couldn’t do it myself...

"Everyone says don’t read it (the comments), and you can do it 99 per cent of the time, but you have that one per cent, that one moment of weakness and you read something and you completely capitulate."

The pair, both from Melbourne, had secretly been together since May last year, when filming for The Bachelor finished. They broke up in November, 2019.

The announcement came after speculation had been mounting, with fans noticing that the two didn’t seem to be spending a lot of time together according to their social media activity.

2. In MAFS spoiler #871, it looks like Natasha Spencer has a new boyfriend.

It looks like Natasha and Mikey aren't together anymore.Image: Channel Nine.

Look. We are not even in our third week of Married At First Sight. But for some reason, we have approximately 87o spoilers that have ensured we all know precisely what happens at the end.

And now, in spoiler #871, it has been revealed that Natasha Spencer has a new boyfriend, meaning she definitely isn't still with her (fake) husband Mikey Pembroke, with whom she was matched by the experts.


In photos published by Daily Mailthe 26-year-old financial analyst is seen kissing the man, reportedly named Steve Cook, in public.

The two are holding hands, and seemingly unfazed by the fact they are being photographed.

The news comes after Mikey hinted the pair weren't still together during an interview with Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa Show.

"Where's your wife, buddy?!" he was asked.

"She's not here at the moment. Not sure why she couldn't make it, but we catch up later today on the Today Show," the reality TV contestant said, noticeably nervous.

So, yes. Just more proof that this *experiment* doesn't work.

3. Amanda Bynes is engaged to the “love of [her] life”.

It seems congratulations are in order because Amanda Bynes has announced she's engaged!


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Engaged to tha love of my life

A post shared by Amanda Bynes (@amandabynesreal) on

The 33-year-old actor and former child star shared the exciting news with her Instagram followers earlier today, with the caption, "Engaged to tha love of my life." Her fiancé's identity remains a mystery.

The only problem is, there is a small detail in the photo that has fans questioning whether or not the announcement is genuine.

See, the photo is of the former The Amanda Show star wearing the engagement ring (a quite large one at that) whilst holding hands with what we assume is her fiancé. However, he is wearing a gold wedding band, suggesting he might already be married...


And, as other followers pointed out, she was wearing that exact engagement ring earlier in the week in another Instagram photo.

Both confusing.


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A post shared by Amanda Bynes (@amandabynesreal) on

Bynes, who over the past few years has stayed out of the spotlight, amid drug and health-related issues, has recently become more vocal with the world through social media.

So hopefully she will set the record straight with all of us and share a little more information about the engagement.

4. Season 4 of Stranger Things is on its way and the first trailer is here (with a possible giant spoiler).

Ok, it's safe to say we're a little excited.

The first trailer for season four of Stranger Things has finally dropped.


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From Russia with love...

A post shared by Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv) on


Released on social media yesterday, the trailer shows what could be a major clue about the fate of Chief Jim Hopper.

While we were all disheartened when David Harbour's character died at the end of season three, the mid-credits sequence showing a Russian prison facility, with officers discussing "an American," had us wondering whether he would be returning for the next season.

And it looks like we were right!

This teaser trailer doesn't give much away (of course) about what to expect, but it does show the same Russian prison facility with various prisoners hard at work, including Hopper.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we get a full-length trailer explaining a little more about what to expect, or better yet, maybe we will get a release date.

We will wait and see...

Catch up on all the previous seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

5. Australia met Ben Zabel on Big Brother 2013. Here's what his life looks like now.

ben zabel
Images: Channel Nine/ Instagram.

Zabel never imagined himself having a career in entertainment, but going on Big Brother in 2013 changed his life.


Speaking to Mamamia, the former flight attendant went along to the Brisbane Big Brother auditions purely because they were being held in the hotel ballroom where his high school formal had taken place.

“I really wanted to see it one more time,” he explains. “I’m quite a nostalgic person.”

Despite not joining in when everyone at the auditions was asked to “bark like a dog that you know” and “give your best orgasm”, Zabel somehow made it through. Once he was on Big Brother, viewers loved his quirky personality. When he came out of the house, he found that everyone was treating him differently.

“It’s so weird,” he remembers. “I felt like I’d gone to like Earth 2. People have always said to me about my snort, ‘You know, you could probably get surgery to fix that.’ I remember googling ‘snort surgery’. Then all of a sudden it was, ‘I love your snort! Your snort’s so great!’ Really?"

Zabel spent two years “doing the circuit”, and was a regular on the Nine show Mornings.

“I enjoyed what it gave me,” he says. “I’m just a working-class guy and all of a sudden you’re getting presents sent to you in the mail and getting invited to things. I was off to the ARIAs and Logies.”

Life has been good for Zabel lately. He’s been a roving reporter for Studio 10. He still gets invited to openings and premieres in Brisbane, and gets to bring his mum with him.

Read our full interview with Ben Zabel here

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