15 people on why they walked out halfway through a first date.

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The dating game is a minefield. Sometimes you’ll find a rare gem of a date where you don’t find yourself mentally listing the contents of your fridge to appear interested. Other times, even keeping a (very fake) smile on your face is an Olympic effort.

But while at least bad first dates make for great stories, sometimes they’re so terrible they’re not even worth waiting it out for dessert. Here, 15 people share what made them walk out halfway through a first date. Awks.

1. Pyjama party.

“It was more at the beginning of the date. He picked me up. The first thing he said to me was ‘You really don’t look good. Can you go change?’ I said, ‘Sure’, and went back inside, took off my makeup, put on my pajamas, and got out the take-out menus,” said one Reddit user.

“A few minutes later he comes knocking at the door and seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t want to continue the evening with him.”

2. Three’s a crowd.

“He brought another girl with him. When we finally got to the movies, we took our seats, and I said ‘I’m going to the bathroom’ and grabbed my stuff and left,” said Redditor pm-me-your-phillips.

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3. Priorities.

Haven’t we all thought of doing this?

“I left my date early so I could come home and eat the cake I made today,” shared one user on the secret sharing app Whisper.

4. Conspiracy theories.

“He was 45 minutes late, got mad that another guy had started chatting me up at the bar while I waited, then proceeded to tell me about the hidden satanic messages in the opening ceremony of the Olympics,” wrote Reddit user titlejunk.

5. Mystery tattoo.

“I had been out with a guy a couple of times and he invited me over for a movie date. First time I had ever seen him in shorts. Nazi tattoo that he had given himself on his leg. No thanks. I left,” said Redditor dorothyborothy. (Post continues after gallery.)

6. Instant dismissal.

“He turned out to be a big homophobe. Bye bye!”

7. Starstruck.

“Blind date, Indian restaurant. First thing he does is produce a folder of photos of him and various celebrities. Shows me them, one by one, all night long,” shared a Reddit user.

8. Wine not.

“Beginning of the date actually… He picked me up, i got in the car and he passed me a breathalyser. He says ‘I had some wine while I was waiting for you to come out, can you blow on this so I can start the car?” wrote Reddit user callanna.

9. Hold the cheese.

“He smelt like a cheeseburger. Like really strongly like one. Maybe he’d just eaten one… ”

"Oh god no". Image: Friends

10. Black and white.

"I told her I was color blind, she recoiled and said it was "gross" and sat there looking at me like I had the plague or something. I just sort of got up and left. It was really odd," said a Reddit user.

11. Caught out.

"I left when I realized this guy was filming my cleavage on his iPhone at our lunch date. A simple v neck t shirt, in case you were wondering," wrote mingula on Reddit.

12. Oh baby.

"She started talking about 'our wedding' and 'our future kids' on our first date. She wasn't joking around, and when I told her that it was way too sudden to be talking about that, she looked at me quizically and said 'Don't you want to get married?' First online date I'd ever gone on," wrote Woobie68.

Don't get carried away... Image: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

13. Pie time.

"I left in the middle of a movie once. The date was going great but I forgot that I had left a pot pie in the oven in my apartment -" wrote user _stamos.

14. Good beginnings.

"He started chatting up the girl standing next to us as we waited for the train... Not a great start."

15. Oh beer.

Eau de hops? No thanks.

"He spilt a bottle of beer all over me and thought it was hilarious - not even an apology..."

When have you ever walked out of a date before the end?

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