Seven Year Switch's Tim decides he wants a baby. Purely because it's 'what Jackie wants'.

It’s been a rocky TV relationship for Seven Year Switch’s Tim and Jackie.

The initial issues of Tim being a slob around the house and refusing to show affection combined with Jackie’s controlling nature didn’t put the couple on a good footing. Plus, there was also the issue of Tim never telling Jackie that he loved her, and Jackie’s total uncertainty about whether or not marriage and babies were on the cards.

Throughout the show there was a lot of tears and the addition of a tattoo. Jackie was stoked.

Life is one great roll of the dice. Source: Channel 7.

And on Tuesday night's episode of Seven Year Switch things got seriously heated before they cooled, with the Melbourne couple having a serious bust up before eventually committing to stay with one another and make it work.

On the topic of their future, things got heated.

Speaking about the possibility of relocating to the Gold Coast - something Tim is keen to do - Jackie admitted that she'd "like to move up there and live there for a little while before we got pregnant."

"Before you get pregnant," Tim corrected her.

"No, we," Jackie repeated, adding the she knew it was "a new age" way to refer to it.

"So do you wanna have one or not?" Tim asked in a deadpan tone, as though his girlfriend's frequent broaching of the topic hadn't made her answer glaringly obvious.

seven year switch tim and jackie

Tim, the personal trainer of few emotions. Source: Channel 7.

"Yeah I do," Jackie replied. "I'm shocked, I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm like 'wow'," she continued before pausing and asking, "what's bought on this sudden change of heart? Where's it come from?

"Did you realise when you were in the house that that's what you wanted or was it more, or was it more the thought of losing me over the tattoo?" Jackie asked, holding out her hand for a sliver or romance from her man.

But responding in what could be the most sterile answer ever put on record, Tim responded, "Nah, I just know that that's what you want."

Despite crying for much of the season over his behaviour, Jackie says Tim has changed. Source: Channel 7.

After telling Tim that's not exactly the answer she was hoping for and explaining that a baby should come from two wanting parents, not one and an indifferent other, Tim simply reiterated, "ah well, that's my answer."

Realising he was in the processing of royally stuffing his relationship up, Tim finally conceded, admitting, "the thought of you walking away from the relationship made me think like, you know, maybe I should step up to the plate and... have a baby with you."

But this awkward will-we-won't-we confrontation wasn't done yet. Oh, no no.

Jackie told Tim that because of their frequent discussion on the topic, the idea had lost its shine and she found it all "a bit sad."

Nothing like fighting about babies when dining out. Channel 7

"You can't just have a baby with someone because you think they want to. You need to want to," Jackie calmly explained to the baby sitting across from her.

"I wanna have a kid, yeah? Let's have a kid," he responded finally, before adding, "can we stop talkin' about the f**king baby?"

Ten minutes later, the couple were shown meeting with the show's therapists to say they were committed to their relationship and starting a family.


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