Chelsea Handler just shared her top secret for glowing, flawless skin. We're listening.

It’s time to ditch those exxy night creams, serums and toners, people!

Well, that’s what Chelsea Handler‘s latest Instagram post suggests, anyway.

Because the 41-year-old comedian  just shared bloomin’ gorgeous before-and-after photos that have us ready to run out and book an appointment with our nearest dermatologist.

Her secret? Profractional laser treatments.

“It’s f*cking awesome and no one is paying me to tell you about it,” Chelsea wrote to her 2.8 million followers on Thursday.

While the talk show host did warn her followers about taking downtime between sessions, within four days of seeing her dermatologist Chelsea’s skin was looking flawless.


I did it on a Thursday and filmed my show on Monday,” she wrote.

According to Sydney Skin Hospitalprofractional laser uses light energy to create thousands of microscopic channels, which pinpoint problem areas on the skin. This stimulates the production of collagen, fading scars, irregularities, and lines. An added bonus? It also makes your skin look plumper.

Hey Mia: Who should get face laser? (Post continues…)

If you’re looking to get laser done, be prepared for a lil’ blood. See those dots on Chelsea’s face in the left-hand-side photo? That was taken straight after her treatment – and shows the oozy pockets the laser targeted.

You best be prepared for a hit to the wallet, also.

While prices vary between clinics, you’re looking at paying about $400 per treatment, with most specialists recommending four to six sessions for optimal results.

So, judging by Chelsea’s results, do you think profractional laser is worth the hefty price tag? Let us know in the comments below.

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