You have not seen adorable car karaoke until you've seen Nicole and Keith do car karaoke.

It took just two minutes and two seconds for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to show the world that they are the world’s most awesome couple.

Because in this adorable clip, they’re belting out Keith’s own song, The Fighter, side by side in a car.

Because Nicole, with fluffy hair and a sheeny face, looks just like any other mum on her way to school pick up.

Because Keith is bopping up and down like a dorky dad who’s had one too many Crownies at his son’s 21st birthday (and for some reason thought tipping his hair was a good idea).

It’s brilliant. It’s actually really quite funny. And it’s a celebrity home video that doesn’t involve exposed genitalia of any sort.

It's just pure, PG rated fun, ya know?

This proves to the young folk who have long put Nicole and Keith in the 'uncool celebrities' box that you can be dorky and lame and still kick-ass on the interwebs. You can be dadsy and mumsy and 'older' and Still. Be. Cool.

Take THAT, Gen Y.

You can watch the glorious video in full below.

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