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1. ‘His ego was bruised.’ MAFS’ Natasha has hit back at remarks Mikey made about her appearance.

It has not been a good week for MAFS’ Natasha Spencer and Mikey Pembroke.

Not only have both couples confirmed their breakup which is yet to air on TV, things are getting heated over the 10-second consummation of their marriage.

For those who need a quick refresher: At Wednesday night’s dinner party we learnt that while Mikey and Natasha had the sex, it was cut short due to Mikey getting a leg cramp. Thanks to fellow MAFS groom Michael who stirred the pot, this caused a massive fight between the couple after Mikey learnt that Natasha was discussing their sex life with the other couples. Still with me?

Since the episode was screened both partners have shared their side of the story. Mikey was first to spill the beans to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, admitting that he had faked a cramp.

“I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that attracted to Natasha,” he said. “They didn’t show that we really struggled to get on, there was a lot of fighting.”

“We boned more than once. There was once when I pulled the cramp. Personally, if my mind’s not in it, I just can’t get it done and I’m just like, ‘I want to get out of this situation’.”

He continued to explain the situation.

“Pulling a cramp, come on every guy can stretch that out and keep it going… It didn’t exist,” she said.

“That was one of them and the other time it was a build-up, I think it was after the first dinner party, and it was just wham bam thank you m’am. No joke it was literally 10 seconds.”

“You don’t want to tell someone you’re not feeling it so I’m going to stop mid root”


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Natasha, however, remembered things differently.

“The excuses that men come up with these days… Look, Mikey did actually have a cramp and he was nearly crying while asking me to rub it out. So if that as fake, he deserves an Oscar,” she retaliated, also speaking on the Kyle And Jackie O Show.

“And I mean if the sex was that bad, I doubt he’d come back for more! So I do think the cramp was real. I just think his ego was bruised. The third time was also good because it was makeup sex.”

Talk about a return-fire. Ouch.

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2. Eek, Chris Pratt ‘found dead bodies’ while filming The Tomorrow War in Iceland.

In a tale that’s stranger than fiction, Chris Pratt has revealed an eerie discovery was made while filming his latest science fiction film, The Tomorrow War, in Iceland.

According to the actor, the perfectly preserved bodies of two hikers were discovered, believed to have been a couple who fell to their deaths while hiking around the Icelandic Skálafellsjökull glacier.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, the Park and Recreation actor shared the eerie story.

“They had been there for over 80 years, and sadly, they didn’t make it. They were fully preserved in their glacier hiking clothes from 1930 or 1940. They had their supplies and rations. They were lovers and they fell down in a hole and just went missing and just recently were found,” Pratt said.

“Isn’t that wild?” he added before quipping, “Thankfully, we got out and nobody fell in any holes … that we’re reporting.”

However, according to Insider, neither local Icelandic police or media could confirm his reports.

Speaking to Icelandic journalist, Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir, the chief of police in South of Iceland, Oddur Árnason was unable to confirm Pratt’s story.

“I’m not familiar with a case like this but it’s a good story,” he said.


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3. ‘I had a raging camel toe’. Charlotte Crosby says her crotch needed editing on Studio 10.

We are blessed to have Charlotte Crosby as a celebrity.

She is funny, relatable and way too candid.

And that has been reinforced today when she shared that her crotch needed editing out when she appeared on Studio 10 on Thursday morning.

See, there was a slight camel toe issue. 

Uploading a set of photos from the interview, the first one has Charlotte standing with the show’s panellists while second other shows… the edited and unedited crotch area.

Captioning the photos she said, “Swipe for a fact about this photo and a raging and aggressive camel toe so had to get my fam @mtvaustralia to photoshop it out.”

However, despite the minor wardrobe malfunction, it appears Charlotte had a great time on the show.

She continued, “but had the best morning at @studio10. Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome and at ease when I was super nervous.”

Gosh, we love her.


4. Lili Reinhart says Luke Perry visited her in a dream, to let her know he’s okay.

Lili Reinhart has spoken honestly about life since her Riverdale co-star Luke Perry passed away.


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Thinking of you, Luke. And praying for your safe recovery.

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Not only has the cast member previously shared the impact Perry had on her during their time together on the TV show, but she has also noted recently that she saw him in her dreams.

Taking to Twitter, Reinhart shared with her followers that Perry visited her in a dream the other night and reassured her that he is okay.

She wrote, “I had a dream last night that I saw Luke… and I hugged him so hard and cried into his shoulder, telling him how much we all miss him.


“Looking back on it this morning, I think his spirit was visiting me in my sleep, letting me know he’s smiling brightly on the other side.”

Perry played the lead character’s dad, Fred Andrews on Riverdale, while Reinhart plays Betty Cooper.

Luke passed away almost a year ago from a stroke, at the age of 52. His co-stars from popular television shows including Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale have all since spoken out about the impact Perry had on them.

He last appeared in the critically acclaimed, Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow had a party where no one was allowed to wear makeup and we can’t stop looking.

Gwyneth Paltrow is like an onion. She’s got layers.

She’s an actress. A podcaster. A mother. An advocate for not living with your partner if you want to have sex and burning vagina-scented candles. She’s also what you’d call ‘woo woo’. A bit alternative. It’s what the Hollywood star-turned-guru built her million-dollar wellness/pseudo-science empire Goop on.

But whether you kneel at the Goop alter or fear for the future of mankind because of it, this week, Gwyneth did something really, bloody cool.


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On Wednesday, the 47-year-old Oscar-winner hosted a fancy party in the Hollywood Hills and invited all her celebrity friends.

But unlike every other schmancy dinner party going on in LA, the invitation to Gwyneth’s came with one simple request: please don’t wear makeup.

We roundup all the amazing photos from the dinner in our earlier post here.

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