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1. ‘What were they thinking?’ MAFS’ Tash just questioned the experts’ decision to pair her with Amanda and yeah, so are we.

Just in case we need more proof that Married At First Sight couple Tash and Amanda aren’t going to last, Tash has labelled the pair “incredibly incompatible.”

Appearing on the Today show this morning, Tash questioned why the experts matched her with Amanda in the first place. And we’ve honestly been asking ourselves the same question.


“I have had so many people that know me so well just go, ‘What were they thinking?”

Tash also addressed the clash she had with Amanda on last night’s episode.

“We have different fight styles. She is really aggressive. I don’t care, call it passionate, it’s not passion it’s aggression,” she said.

“And I just can’t be around that kind of level of anger because I do shut down, which is ironic because it’s the opposite of what she was trying to pull out of me.”

Tash said she was so “triggered'” by watching last night’s fight that she plans to sleep through tonight’s episode. And we can’t blame her.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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2. There are rumours DWTS judge Sharna Burgess could be the next Bachelorette and we’re so here for it.


It looks like Dancing With The Stars judge, Sharna Burgess, might just be the next Bachelorette, and yes, we are all about this.

Appearing on Nova’s podcast The Babble, hosted by ex-Bachelor Matty J alongside Nathalie Bassingthwaighte, Burgess revealed that she would enjoy finding love.

“Everyone is on board for me to do this show and everyone is really interested in me doing it,” she said.

“That’s talking friends, family, and everyone I have an interview with right now is asking me about it. I’m the one who’s like ‘I don’t know!’”

Producers actually approached Sharna to be the Bachelorette last year, but she hasn’t heard from them since.

“We haven’t talked about it since then because I’ve been very on the fence, but I feel like if I really wanted to and wanted to commit, it could be something.”

Yes. Please.

3. Oh. Apparently MAFS’ Stacey and Michael had a big fight after moving in together, so maybe they don’t last.

Are we surprised that one of the strongest MAFS couples look like they’re not going to last? Not really. Disappointed? Very much.

The Daily Mail Australia has uncovered footage of Married at First Sight’s Stacey Hampton and Michael Goonan having a heated disagreement outside their shared apartment in Sydney, shot during the filming of the show in October last year.

One source said that the pair exchanged “a few tense words and then Michael left her, walked around the block a few times and sat down making a heated phone call.


“Stacey just stood there for 10 minutes waiting for him to come back and looked upset and like she was crying, before eventually going back inside alone.”


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Laughter is the best medicine ????

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The incident took place on a day off from filming, so it looks like we won’t get to see exactly what went down.

Married At First Sight returns tonight at 7.30 pm on Channel Nine.

4. Harry and Meghan have been spotted together for the first time since stepping back as senior royals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their made first public appearance together (sort of!) since they relinquished their HRH titles.

The pair were spotted getting off a commercial flight from the United States to Canada.

Previously garnering major criticism for their use of private jets, the pair looked low-key as they exited the plane, looking like relatively normal civilian folk (they were even carrying their own bags). Go Harry and Megs!


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The Sun reported that the pair left their home on Vancouver Island to travel to California for a two-day business trip, scouting out potential work.

The trip to Los Angeles was an important visit for both of them to find work opportunities as they are now financially independent.

It has been reported that the pair stayed at Serena Williams’ house, before visiting Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, to meet with professors about their charity initiatives.

5. In 2002, Amanda Bynes was the world’s biggest child star. By 2012, it all came crashing down.

In 2002, Amanda Bynes was on top of the world.

The then 16-year-old, who made her start on Nickelodeon before she had even hit high school, was the world’s most adored child star.

From feature films to a handful of shows on Nickelodeon, Bynes essentially dominated the screens of teenagers around the world.

amanda bynes 2020
Image: Instagram.

After rising to prominence on Nickelodeon show, All That, Bynes began starring in her very own sketch comedy show, The Amanda Show.

Before long, the show became the most successful on the network, leading Bynes to win the Favourite Television Actress award at the Kids’ Choice Awards four years in a row. At the time, Bynes was also embarking on her third television series, WB’s What I Like About You.

In the eyes of the media and her close supporters, Bynes could do no wrong.

In fact, in 2002, The New York Times labelled Bynes a new kind of child star.

“Ms. Bynes is like Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Gilda Radner rolled into one 16-year-old package,” the publication reported.

“Many a True Hollywood Story has been told about show-business kids going bad. But Ms. Bynes seems remarkably self-possessed and far more sedate than the highly caffeinated characters she plays on television.”

For more on Amanda Bynes' turbulent career, read our earlier article here. 

Feature Image: Image: Instagram @tashherz / Nine

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