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Just the best reactions to literally the most boring episode of Married at First Sight ever.

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We get it, MAFS – you have nothing left to give.

You’ve been boycotted by a lot of viewers, had your very premise turned upside down by your contestants, and possibly every dramatic plotline possible in a reality TV program of your nature has already been explored.

We feel for you, we really do. (If you were a human with feelings and not a reality television program, that is).

Because we completely understand how hard last night’s straight-up insane commitment ceremony would be to follow, we’ll excuse tonight’s incredibly “meh” episode and look excitedly towards the reunion, the return of Cyclone Cyrell, and the possibility of a physical altercation, because these are the things that excite us these days.

We have hope the drama will return, but for now, here’s a collection of random, hilarious observations from the great people of Twitter who turned tonight’s incredibly bland episode into something wonderful:




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