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From Lizzie to Cathy: The 2020 MAFS cast's MySpace photos have resurfaced and it's quite the throwback.

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Somebody has unearthed the MySpace photos of this year’s MAFS cast and… oh my.

A big thank you to the very hardworking Daily Mail journalist, Joshua Fox, because we now know exactly what certain cast members looked like pre-fame.

You see, before we learnt how to filter our selfies and find ‘the good light,’ we were just young and taking photos on flip phones. And the reality TV stars of today are no different.

From Amanda’s red bob to Josh’s platinum blonde shag, these #throwback photos are everything we loved but really want to forget about the early 2000s culture. Think lots of eyeliner, side fringes and choppy layers.


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Natasha Spencer

Natasha is all of us. Side-fringe, a lot of liner and plucked eyebrows, we all have some rendition of this photo saved on a Motorolla flip phone.

Just add a Jay Jays t-shirt.

MAFS 2020 Myspace
Image: MySpace / Natasha Spencer.

Amanda Micallef

A moody throwback pic for Amanda. Anybody who lusted over a dramatic hair change in a magazine will know the dedication it takes to then pull off said hair change.

Between Amanda's bright red bob and black shaggy lob, she's done it at least twice.

MAFS 2020 Myspace
Image: MySpace / Amanda Micallef.
MAFS 2020 Myspace
This is such a vibe. Image: MySpace / Amanda Micallef.

Josh Pihlak

$10 says a younger Josh listened to Short Stack and My Chemical Romance. Maybe even a little Fall Out Boy, too. Power to him for committing to a platinum blonde fringe, not every man could cope with the no-doubt high-maintenance regrowth.

MAFS 2020 Myspace
Image: MySpace / Josh Pihlak.

Vanessa Romito

We're calling it. Vanessa kind of looks like Taylor Swift. From the beaded necklace to the highlighted fringe and bracelet #armparty stack, this photo is a testament to the 2000s and we love every bit of it.

MAFS 2020 Myspace
Image: MySpace / Vanessa Romito.

Michael Goonan

Okay, this is weird. Bar a slightly more retained haircut, Michael looks exactly the same.


Funnily enough, he's still a fan of opening his mouth for photos.

MAFS 2020 Myspace
Image: MySpace / Michael Goonan.

Cathy Evans

It would seem that Cathy and her now-husband Josh share a love of bleached blonde locks and hey, when it comes to MAFS, relationships have been formed on less.

All things considering, between their natural chemistry and... shared history, the experts did pretty well with this match.

MAFS 2020 Myspace
Image: MySpace / Cathy Evans.

Elizabeth Sobinoff

No, but really, how good was eyeliner? People born after 1995 won't understand the allure of a smudgy stick of kohl eyeliner and getting a bit too excited with a pair of tweezers, it was honestly a different time.

MAFS 2020 Myspace
Image: MySpace / Elizabeth Sobinoff.

What's your cringiest MySpace memory? Tell us in a comment below.

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