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'It's like watching a disaster movie.' All the best reactions to the many relationship breakdowns on MAFS.

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After four weeks of rumours, tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight finally gave us our first look at the scandalous affair between Hayley and Michael. That’s right, hold onto your toothbrushes because a cheating scandal is happening.

But before we get to that, we need to talk about Vanessa and Chris, aka the couple we keep forgetting about. The pair have been living in separate rooms because they’re fighting about something we’ve… also forgotten about. But the gist of it is that Chris isn’t really into Vanessa anymore.

So instead of calling in an expert, Vanessa turns to someone (slightly) less qualified for some advice – Hayley. After discussing each other’s failing fake marriages, both women come to the conclusion that their partners aren’t exactly interested in them.

Vanessa ends up returning to the apartment and after an explosive family visit, she and Chris decide to call things quits. We’re sad for them but also kind of relieved because there’s already way too much relationship drama to keep up with this season.

Speaking of drama, Mikey and Natasha and Josh and Cathy both go through their ups and downs this episode but after some advice from their family and friends, both couples seem to be back on track (well, for now at least).

Then came the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Before the episode ended, David discovered his wife Hayley was out on the town with newly single Chris and Michael. And rumour has it that Hayley and Michael were hooking up or “macking on”.  Firstly, ew, but also this is secretly why we’ve been watching the show.

Tomorrow night is going to be wild.

Here’s how Australia reacted.





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