Kyle Sandilands revealed way too much about having sex with Imogen Anthony.

I don’t want to sound like a complete Nanna here, but what is it with radio hosts discussing their sex life?

If it’s not Sam Frost talking about Sasha’s baby talk and hairy back, it’s Kyle Sandilands telling listeners how he kindly removes used tampons from girlfriend Imogen Anthony.

And Tuesday’s drive time morning slot did not disappoint, with Sandilands bringing a healthy dose of over share to the airwaves once more.

Kyle Sandilands in the KIISFM studios. Source: Instagram.

When co-host Jackie O asked when the last time the 44-year-old shock jock had been sexually intimate with his 25-year-old girlfriend, Kyle did not hold back.

"It was the weekend," Sandilands said, adding, "I got up and went to feed the animals and she grabbed my arm and said "no, no" and I know what that means. So I thrashed her in there and then went to feed the animals."

Thrashing someone. Now there's a term for the ages.

Couples who thrash together stay together. Source: Instagram. 

After discussing his weekend antics, Sandilands then let listeners know that all sexual activity was on standstill, with it now being "that time of the month" for Anthony.

"Too much information?" Sandilands asked O.

"You're not one to hold back," the co-host responded, probably used to the ever-flowing fountain of information Sandildands feels the need to share.

But according to the Daily Mail, Anthony is a-okay with their private life being public.

Imogen Anthony, the girlfriend who rolls with it. Source: Instagram.

"He blurts out everything, but it's fine," she said earlier this month, explaining that anything major must be passed with her before the confession goes live to air.

"Anything vulgar...he needs a pass. There has been a few things where he has said "can I do this?" and I was like "you cannot," she said.

So that story about Sandilands removing her tampons? That got the tick of approval from Anthony... Different strokes, I guess.

Kyle Sandilands opens up about his life to Meshel Laurie. Post continues... 

Making it a bumper commute, Jackie O didn't hold off on the confessions either, sharing that she used to date and live with a drug dealer in Queensland.

After the confession, O had a moment of panic, hoping that her young daughter Kitty was not listening in.

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