Imogen Anthony seeks revenge on Kyle Sandilands for talking about their sex life.

You know how Imogen Anthony said she makes boyfriend Kyle Sandilands seek permission from her before discussing their sex life?

Well, it turns out that either wasn’t exactly true, or she’s grown tired of it.

Having taken to the airwaves earlier this week, Kyle told his KIIS FM co-host Jackie O that he and Anthony had sex on the weekend, sharing with listeners that he “thrashed” her before going out to feed the animals.

He then went on to sat that it is now Anthony’s “time of the month”, so their sex life is temporarily suspended.

Imogen Anthony and Kyle Sandilands. Source: Instagram.

Previously, Anthony had gone on the record to say that Sandiland's penchant for blurting everything out was "fine", adding that she requires anything major to be passed by her for approval before going to air.

"Anything vulgar...he needs a pass," the 25-year-old said. "There has been a few things where he has said "can I do this?" and I was like "you cannot."

But it seems that the arrangement has since gone cold, with Anthony dishing out some sweet, sweet revenge of her own.

Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned, Kyle.

Imogen Anthony. Source: Instagram

Posting a series of Snapchats to her personal Instagram account on Thursday, the budding fashion designer captured footage of Kyle snoring.

"Hear K snoring? That's getting him back for talking about our sex on radio," the first video read, which was followed by snaps of his foot, another video captioned, "I love you but payback is a bitch," and then the true jackpot - the deep and cavernous rumbles that could come only from an overweight dude in his mid-40s.

Accompanying the Instagram was the video the caption, "I told Kyle I was sick of waking up to articles on our sex life... Payback is a bitch."

From the bottom of our hearts, Imogen, we thank you. If Kyle never talks about removing your tampons again we'll all be okay.

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