'I tried Garnier's affordable new organic skincare line to see if the hype is real.'

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I get asked about organic skincare at least twice a week. I think it’s a great thing that more of us are caring about what we put in and on our bodies and also about how products we choose affect the planet.

While organic ingredients have come a long way in the past decade, I have found that for the most part the best organic skincare ingredients are at the pricier end of the scale.

That’s why when I first saw that Garnier was launching their Organics skincare range I was intrigued. I’d read positive things about it from overseas publications and was eager for it to hit shelves in Australia so I could give it a whirl.

And now it’s here.

First up I was impressed by the amount of products in the range – 11 in total. I was expecting three or maybe four but there’s actually a variety of moisturisers for every skin type and a product for all skin concerns and texture preferences.

Garnier Organics Range
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The formulas are vegan and are made with organic actives. All the star ingredients are ethically and sustainability sourced, and they've also left out parabens, sulfates and silicones.

While I was lucky enough to get to trial all 11 products for this review, I only have one face. So, I’ve narrowed down my four favourites. Here they are.

Garnier Organics Perfecting Toner, $13.49

Garnier Organics Range
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I love me some gentle chemical exfoliation. This toner is formulated with organic thyme essential oil, known for its purifying properties. They’ve paired that with salicylic acid, which is great for large or clogged pores and oily or congested skin.

What I like about this formula is that although it’s mild enough to use every day (after cleansing and before moisturiser), it really works to gently mattifying my oily bits (forehead, nose and chin), tighten pores (I get them bad on my cheeks) and overall refine the texture. The scent is fresh and almost a bit medicinal, which for some reason makes me feel like it’s doing what toner is supposed to do.

Garnier Organics Micellar Water, $14.49

Garnier Organics Range
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I praise the day micellar water was invented. It’s so handy for cleansing when you don’t have much time or if you are looking for something gentle. This one is formulated with organic corn flour and barley water (both of which are super soothing).

You can smell the yummy barley when you use it. It’s really mild but still took off mascara effectively without stinging my eyes. It doesn't leave that residue or film on the face like some do, so you don't need to rinse. Just swipe it over with a cotton pad and you’re done.

Garnier Organics Smooth and Glow Facial Oil, $19.49

garnier organics smooth and glow facial oil
Image: Mamamia.

This oil is so lush, I was immediately impressed. It’s made with organic lavandin essential oil, which works to regenerate the skin. It also has organic argan oil in there too as well as vitamin E to nourish and soften.

I used it after cleansing and toning but before moisturiser at night. It has a really light texture and penetrates the skin nicely so would also work during the day if you’re dry. It smells like a heavenly lavender field and absolutely lives up to the ‘smooth and glow’ in its name. Oh, and I also used it for a bit of radiance on my decolletage and cheekbones when I was going out.

Garnier Organics Face Body Hands Multi-Use Rescue Balm, $13.49

Garnier Organics Range
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It’s hard to pick but if I had to, I think I’d choose this as my favourite product from the range. Formulated with organic argan oil and shea butter, the box says it’s for ‘dried-out, rough areas’ and it’s not wrong.

It’s a super rich cream-balm that is really nourishing but not sticky. I tried it on my flaky cuticles and less-than-perfect feet.

It’s also great for elbows and hands. I used the tiniest amount rubbed well into my palms to then smooth over my hair to tame flyaways - and it works a treat. Great to keep in the car or handbag.

You can check out the full range at Chemist Warehouse right now.

Have you tried Garnier Organics? Let us know what you think.

L'Oreal Garnier

For 115 years, Garnier has been pioneering the use of plant-based products; and today, Garnier continues to push the boundaries on naturality even further by finally making organic skincare accessible to all. Introducing Garnier Organics- a new skincare range made with vegan formulas and certified organic ingredients, inspired by herbalist know-how and re-enforced with Garnier’s expertise on skin. For this new range, Garnier has selected the perfect botanicals and essential oils to suit every skin type to create effective formulas for results you can see and feel. To discover the Garnier Organics range and our commitments, visit us at

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