All of the celebrities who have thrown their weight behind Johnny Depp.

As with any celebrity scandal, it’s not long before the famous people come out in droves to announce their side of the fence.

Unsurprisingly, the allegations that Johnny Depp physically assaulted his estranged wife, Amber Heard, are no exception to this. Everyone from the actor’s distant acquaintances to the mother of his children have announced the news as false, Heard as a liar, her photographs as fabricated and her story as categorically untrue.

According to some Hollywood stars, their own chummy relationships with Depp indicate he is simply incapable of causing harm to others. We know from experience, of course, that this assumption is untrue.

The celebs include British actor Paul Bettany, for instance, who is “just saying” that Johnny is sweet and kind and gentle.

Or The X-Files star, Laurie Holden, who refuses to skip Depp’s movies because of his “personal life”.

Then there’s Mickey Rourke, who apparently knows what happened behind the closed doors of the Depp-Heard household, the retired boxer and actor telling TMZ yesterday that Johnny’s “a very low key guy, he’s always been really low key and a gentleman and not violent.”

Not all celebrities look favourably upon Depp, however. The Office’s Rainn Wilson came out with a particularly damning tweet in the wake of the abuse allegations.

And Late Night‘s Andy Richter weighed in with this tweet.

While we do not know what really happened between the separated husband and wife, we do know one thing: Sometimes, abusers are the last people you’d expect to be abusers.

Sometimes, abusers abuse their partners even though they didn’t abuse previous partners. Sometimes, the affect of drugs and alcohol come into play. And sometimes, we need to realise that our perception of a person may be disjointed from the reality of that person.

Someone being a ‘good guy’ and sharing a beer with you, doesn’t make them incapable of abuse. It’s as simple and as blunt as that.

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