A mum asked for 'upper class' baby name suggestions and we can't stop reading the replies.

Oh… no. 

Who would have thought choosing a baby name could become so political? Other than just about everyone who has ever had to choose a baby name?

At the end of last month, one woman asked what she probably considered to be a fairly harmless question on parenting forum, Mumsnet

But nothing on Mumsnet is ever harmless. 

“Hit me up with your upper class/well to do baby girl names that are still used today!” she wrote.

Uh oh.

The people were… unimpressed.

One of the first responses was, “What does this matter to you?” while another added, “So are you old money and posh or wanting to be pretentious? Call your kid a name you like.”

But the very best replies were people suggesting upper class baby names that were most definitely a joke. For example, ‘Chlamydia’, ‘Cuntella’, ‘Turbot’, and of course our personal favourite, ‘Candida’ – the medical name for a run of the mill yeast infection.

Here are the worst baby names we’ve ever heard. Post continues…

Some other standouts included: ‘Cosima Urqhuart Upwardly Smytherooni,’ ‘Jocasta le plume puffball,’ ‘Cordelia Phwar Phwar Rha Oiks erson’ and ‘Henrietta Dubois phlange a rillo.’

Just. Beautiful.

There were some more serious responses, like ‘Victoria’, ‘Jacinda’, ‘Tatiana’, ‘Cressida’ and ‘Lettice’.

Actually… that last one might be a joke. It’s unclear.

What are your thoughts on ‘upper class’ baby names? Is it a little bit pretentious? 

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